7 Best Vegan Restaurants in America

The wave to go meatless has caught up with many people in recent times. Now it is not uncommon to find a meatless burger in a restaurant near you. The following are some of the top vegan and vegetarian restaurants in America:

Blossoming Lotus – Portland, Oregon

Plant lovers have for the last decade been flocking to Blossoming Lotus to get a treat of their favorite food. You will find this restaurant in Lloyd District among some of Portland’s chain restaurants and malls. They serve dishes such as bibimbap with peanut soy and chickpea chana masala which are originally from Asia. If you want, try out one of their great smoothies for a complete meal.

Bouldin Creek Café – Austin, Texas

There are many vegans in Austin and many of them have been to this restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here, you will love plant-based dishes such as a plate of soul food with maple-braised collards and beans accompanying some vegan cornbread. They also have mushroom-based dishes as well as Italian cuisine.

Bulan Thai – Los Angeles, California

Bulan is one of the few vegan restaurants that’s worth visiting, even for omnivores. Although it serves a meatless menu, its meals are still as tasty as can be. Out of traditional Thai food, they create deliciously bold vegan versions that are still desirable. Expect to take some Thai soy iced teas, veggie hot wings, and ‘chicken’ full of umami. The residents of Los Angeles just can’t have enough of the Thai treats.

Bunna Café – Brooklyn New York

When Bunna Café started out, it was as a smorgasbord and pop-up food vendor. Soon it became a brick-and-mortar affair that serves Ethiopian cuisine with a vegan twist. Some of the dishes they serve here include Misir Wot, Shiro, and Injera. Expect to get a seasonal surprise every time you come here. 8 Celebrities Who Are Vegan

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw – Washington, DC

Whether you are on a vegan diet or not, this restaurant is worth visiting. Its owner Elizabeth Petty first had a taste of vegan at a time she was battling breast cancer. This restaurant only opens on Friday evenings with menus that change weekly. In the past, they have served fennel, peaches, marjoram & pink peppercorn, roasted ‘chicken’ with quinoa, black cauliflower with tomato sauce.

Greens Restaurant – San Francisco, California

Did you know that Greens Restaurant has always existed since it was established in 1979? It is, therefore, safe to say that this is an American pioneer when it comes to serving vegetarian food. No wonder it attracts vegans from all over the world. Here, they don’t need to use bacon to appeal to your palates.

Ground Control – Chicago Illinois

One of the most popular dishes in this Logan Square restaurant is their take on a traditional sandwich from Puerto Rico. However, they also have a number of dishes of origin in Chicago. Take the hot tofu with beer-braised kales, garlic, and mashed potatoes which originated from Nashville. Just who can resist this restaurant’s tasty cuisine?

If you are an American vegan, you know where to eat out.

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