Tips To Become a Vegetarian or Vegan

There comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and become either a vegetarian or vegan. But just how do you go about making the big transition? The following tips should help you successfully become a vegetarian or vegan:

  • Replacing your favorite dishes. If you enjoy your spaghetti with meatball, look for a vegetarian substitute like GimmeLean. The key is to look at what you are already eating and how you can make it vegetarian.
  • Exploring new foods. Every time you go shopping, try a new product. That way, you will be able to add variety to your diet. You don’t have to stick to veggie burgers and soy milk. By trying new products you will make your transition fun and easy.
  • Trying again. You tied a new food and hated it. So what? Try it again. Be sure to go for a different brand of the product prepared using different spices and seasonings. Not all brands are the same. You might just end up developing a preference for a certain brand or preparation style. So you warmed the veggie burger in a microwave. Why don’t you go ahead and grill it?
  • Browsing through health food stores. You should be able to find something new to try, always. If you are not sure what to buy, ask the staff to help you with the search. After all, they know what’s available and can advise you appropriately.
  • Giving yourself a break. There will be times when you just cannot resist a burger. However, that does not mean you give up. The best you can do is to resolve to do better next time. Why don’t you decide to eat meat once a week? That will motivate you to keep going.
  • Being patient. It is not easy to go vegan overnight. Some people take the new diet easily while a majority struggle. Be patient. With time you should be able to get over your cravings. Always have your reasons and goals for becoming vegan in your mind and you will never go wrong.
  • Talk, read, and learn. There is a lot of literature on vegan foods and health. Read these and learn everything you can. Meet other vegans and vegetarians and ask them for advice. You can learn a lot from other people’s experience.
  • Buy a vegetarian cookbook. If you want to learn how to prepare vegetarian meals, look for a cookbook. Only make sure that it has a variety of simple recipes for everyday use.
  • Don’t cook separately. Are you the only one in your family making the great vegan leap? The meat for pasta or stir-fries can be prepared in a separate pan and added to a separate portion before serving.
  • Trying new restaurants. The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants are Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Middle Eastern. They have many dishes that fit into your new diet.
  • Replacing meat with healthy foods. Let go of the meat in its entirety even as you adopt a balanced diet. Avoid chips and French fries which can only lead you back to the old diet. Instead, try vegetables, grains, and plant proteins.

Not hard, is it? Becoming a vegetarian or vegan requires a lot of dedication on your part. With time, you will discover you have the will to do it.

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