8 Celebrities Who Are Vegan

Celebrities always find ways to improve their lifestyles in terms of their looks and spirituality. Many have adopted vegan diets in a bid to be healthier. They have made vegan diets look hotter and more appealing, even to the masses.

The following are some of the stars who have jumped onto the vegan bandwagon:

Liam Hemsworth

His decision to adopt a vegan diet came after learning of how animals were mistreated. He just could not eat animal products anymore. Woody Harrelson, a co-star in Hunger Games, suggested that he tries a vegan diet. That was the idea he needed. He describes his feelings after becoming vegan as positive, physically and mentally.

Miley Cyrus

Miley has always make earth-shattering lifestyle changes. It, therefore, didn’t come as a surprise when she chose the veganism path in 2014. It was after her dog, Floyd, died that she decided to stop eating animal-based food. It was initially a hushed decision that was only announced to the public more than one year later.

Lea Michele

To Lea Michele, her body is a temple. The former Glee start turned vegan when she heard of its health benefits as well as to help fight for animal rights. After all, she believes in not just being good to the body but to the planet too. For engaging in charitable activities for animals, Lea was honored in 2010.

Jared Leto

Did you know that Jared Leto is an Oscar award-winning actor? He, together with his bandmates from 30 Seconds To Mars, is a vegan. He confesses to having sacrificed goats before the show. Now all that’s a top priority on their menu is tofu.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s choice to go totally vegan was made in 2013. She once confessed to loving animals more than she loves most humans. Ariana has found it a big challenge eating out but chosen to stick in there.

Joaquin Phoenix

The Puerto Rican parents to this Oscar-nominated raised their children as vegans. As he began his career, Joaquin had to turn down several big commercial breaks to feature in adverts for milk and meat products. Missing all the opportunities didn’t prevent him from becoming a world-renowned movie star. Today, he represents PETA, the charity on preventing animal cruelty, as an ambassador.

Jennifer Lopez

According to Jennifer Lopez, she feels more energized since going vegan. She has said no to meat and dairy products and taken to eating plant-based foods from the ground. To her, eating more greens has given her tons of energy. If you are looking for what to eat, J-Lo recommends you go vegan. She, however, misses her butter.

Ellen DeGeneres

Apparently, DeGeneres became a vegan after watching the documentary Earthlings. She was forced to say no to any association she had with eating and wearing animal products. Since she made the switch, DeGeneres has been very vocal as an animal advocate. She uses her show as the platform for bringing awareness to mainstream audiences.

You might want to follow the example of these celebrities and also go vegan.



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